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Composition of the Bureau

Members of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara

1. Chairman of the Supreme Council - Davit Gabaidze

2. Deputy of the Chairman - Merab Karanadze

3. Chairman of the Commission - Vakhtang Tsuladze

Agrarian and Environmental issues Commission

4. Chairman of the Commission - Tsonte Ananidze

Human rights Commission

5. Chairman of the Commission - Vladimer Mgaloblishvili

Education, Science, Culture and Sport issues Commission

6. Chairman of the Commission - Nino Chkhetia

Constitutional, Legal and Procedural Commission

7. Chairman of the Commission - Giorgi Romanadze

Finance Budgeting and Economic issues Commission

8. Chairman of the Commission - Nugzar Surmanidze

Health and Social issues Commission

9. Faction - "Georgian Dream" - Chairman of the Faction - Irakli Tcheishvili

10. Faction - "Georgian Dream - Majoritarians" Chairman of the Faction - Ilia Verdzadze

11. Faction - "Georgian Dream - Ajara" - Chairman of the Faction - David Batsikadze

12. Faction - "United National Movement" - Chairman of the Faction - Elguja Bagrationi